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Susan Boyle is refreshing

Susan Boyle’s success has been astounding not only because she has a superb voice that produces goosebumps, she also looks like the generic middle aged woman you see in the streets. Everyone loves an underdog story, that gives people hope. It also gives older people hope, that someone can still live up to their dreams later in life.

We have grown so used to seeing starlets and singers look the same (think Britney Spears, Madonna, Cristina Aguillera, Lady Gaga and Jessica Simpson) with their beached blond hair and sexy outfits that is very refreshing to listen to a singer and enjoy their…voice.

We live in an era where the emphasis in beauty is everywhere. You want to be a famous writer? You need to look good. Editors will make sure the back cover shows a glamorous picture of you!  You want to be a successful Realtor? Make sure your picture ad is photo-shopped to make you look good-and don’t forget make up and hair to take that picture! You want to report the news on CNN, MSNBC and others? You gotta look stunning.  What happened to raw talent? What happened to not judging a book by its cover 🙂 ?

Susan’s talent is so intense that her appearance doesn’t matter. I hope they don’t give her a makeover. I don’t need to see her looking skinny in black leather, nor does she need to become a blonde. I just want to hear her voice.


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My “soulmates”: Joy Behar and Bill Maher

In the last decade I became more interested in talk shows, and my favorite shows are Real Time with Bill Maher and The View. I try not to miss them. The women on the View sometimes get on my nerves with their loud voices and talking over each other, but I am often amused by their debates. I like Barbara Walters, she is still so lively and quick thinking for her age, I like Whoopi with her funny faces and tendency to philosophize and I like Sherri with her “regular gal” common sense and funny remarks. Elizabeth drives me nuts with her incessant banter and her insistence in defending all things Republican, whether they are right or not. But, for the sake of diversity and being open minded about different opinions, we have to put up with her.

But my favorite one is Joy Behar. I think like Joy, our minds think very similarly. We do have the Italian blood and the Social Sciences background in common 🙂 I have rarely, if ever, disagreed with Joy’s opinions. I am sure if we met in real life we would have fun being friends. I have even made my husband like her too, and sometimes he watches The View with me in the evening (DVR’d of course).

My other soulmate is Bill Maher. There have been very few occasions, if any, where I did not agree with one os his comments. We also think alike. It’s almost eerie. If he changed his phobia about marriage then we would think more alike, and I also don’t dig being “high”.

I think I would have the time of my life if I went out two dinner with those two. I wonder if they would grant me that wish if I were dying of cancer 🙂

Anyway, Bill and Joy, you are the twin sister/brother I never had 🙂 I hope both of you stay on the spotlight for a long time. Joy, you will probably substitute for Larry King one day and become the first female late night talk show hostess.


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The most beautiful women ever

Well, nowadays it seems like everyone can be beautiful. Unless you are born with a distorted face there are many things women can do to be at least sexy: plastic surgery, make up, diet and exercise, hair coloring, color contacts, hair extensions, etc.

 Here is a list of women who are naturally beautiful, or at least were when they were young. Some of them aged well (Tippi Hedren is a pretty old lady), and some became overweight (Catherine Deneuve), but you still can see the nice features. It is easier to change a bad body with diet and exercise and plastic surgery than to change an ugly face. Facial beauty is one of these amazing things that carry you through life.

Here are the most beautiful women ever in my opinion. At least since photography was available. They were not just pretty, but absolutely beautiful. Many are dead. This list is NOT by order of beauty. They are all breathtakingly beautiful:

Grace Kelly

Virna Lisi

Catherine Deneuve

Rachel Welch

Jaqueline Bisset

Tippi Hedren

Mamie von Doren

Jean Seberg

Maylin Monroe

Connie Stevens

Shirley Eaton

Nastasja Kinski

Delphine Seyrig

Michelle Mercier

Sharon Tate

Jenniffer O’Neill

Michelle Phillips

Jane Birkin

Katharine Ross

Sue Lyon

Carole Alt

Elke Sommer

Senta Berger

Mary Hugues

Carole Bouquet

Kim Novak

Ava Gardner

Sylva Koscina

Brooke Shields

Julie Newmar

Romy Schneider

Anita Ekberg

Dorothy Malone

Janice Rule

Priscilla Presley

Rachel Ward

Joanna Barnes

And more recently:

Paulina Porizkova

Sophie Monk

Heidi Klum

Charlize Theron

Angelina Jolie

Carmen Electra

Kristanna Loken

Joana Krupa

Megan Fox

Katie Cassidy

Isabel Lucas

Now, notice the number of 60’s stars and French Actresses. Women seemed so beautiful in those 60’s movies!

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