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Military men? Hmmm…

I heard about this study on “The View” (a show that has gone down the drain after losing its smart hostesses): women answered a poll about what kind of profession they’d like their men to have and they put military men on top of their list as their favorite kind of man to date.

My theory is that some women may be attracted to “strong brave” types who they think will always protect them…..well, my experience is that some military men can be controlling, not reliable, have PTSD (and that affects the relationship); be mentally or physically abusive and ego-maniacs too. Notwithstanding that those in active duty will be away a lot. I think the attraction to cops, race car drivers and other dangerous profession types could have similar reasons. The big problem I see with any man or woman in the military is that they have all gone through training designed to break down and destroy their natural autonomy. Therefore, they will either be totally given over to the command and control structure in every thought and deed, or will be unhappy and unfulfilled to some extent.

I said SOME you all before you jump on me….

Me, I prefer the boring stable guys. Accountants, economists, doctors, scientists, professors, small businessmen, engineers, computer programmers and anything computer related, government workers, writers… long as they are smart. Even a carpenter or a sales person can be smart if they read. Life can be more boring but there will be less drama and ups and downs.


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  1. So where do I fall. I’m a cop with a BS in Computer Science. I spent 12 in the computer field before switching careers.

    Comment by Steve | April 1, 2015 | Reply

  2. Ok…I see the double use of, “some” on the woman side and uniform side. Unfortunately cannot edit my original post. The rest remains the same despite the, “some”. In the numbers game, military men in particular I’d readily trust much more than a civilian. Doesn’t mean that they are all that great. It’s a numbers game. And by the numbers, the military personnel are more trustworthy.

    Comment by steve | April 1, 2015 | Reply

  3. Praps women who like men in uniform think that they will get added security to go with the color and verve.With that goes perceived comfort and recognition.Praps they were taught in saluting the flag U should b attracted to those that make the Country Strong.Myths R real,Superman is not.
    Anyway let’s just hope that 4 everyone who finds out they ended up with a dud,their are 10 more that end up with successful partnerships.
    Hope springs eternal!

    Comment by Jacklong17 | June 18, 2015 | Reply

  4. I have some close female friends who have either had military husbands or fathers. They would agree with everything you said. The stories they tell are unpleasant.

    Comment by Todd "Gooseboy" Daniel | June 21, 2017 | Reply

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