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Lessons of Good Sisterhood

-Don’t hit on your friend’s boyfriends or husbands (duh!)

-Don’t call your friend’s boyfriend/husband without asking her first

-If your best male friend is dating, don’t see him alone or have long conversations about his relationship. See him with his new girlfriend and try to befriend her too. No dinners behind her back.

-Just because he is your male friend, don’t defend him if he treats his girlfriend poorly or lies and cheats on her. Remember it can happen to you too..

-If your girlfriend complains about her boyfriend, listen but don’t butt in. If they stay together you will pay the price if you tell her to leave him.

-Never be a married man’s confidante. Tell him to find a therapist.

-Avoid emotional cheating by being civil but not too close to married men at work.

-If you hear that your girlfriend’s boyfriend or husband is cheating, or if he hits on you, tell her. You may lose her friendship but you will help her get rid of an asshole.

-Don’t tell your girlfriend’s boyfriend or husband her secrets or anything that can make her uncomfortable.


The same can be applied to men.


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