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The reasons for Barbara Walters’ Success

The Barbara Walters special on her career was a great ride through history. Amazing life. I would have loved to have had her life. She is, after all, the most fascinating person. I tried to analize the reason of her success and it is, in my humble opinion:

1) She speaks calmly, softly, clearly and intelligently. She never loses her cool (despite the nasal voice).

2) She worked hard, long hours (no wonder she neglected her adopted daughter who greatly resents her).

3) She was not a beauty, but she adopted a classic style and made the most of her looks.

4) She prepared extensively for every interview, getting to know the interviewee better than himself/herself.

5) She famously developed a list of questions that she would spend days on. The questions were thought provoking and dug deep into these people’s personal lives, making them cry and bringing viewership. The order these questions were asked were important for building momentum.

6) She made her interviewees feel comfortable and open up because she demonstrated respect, care, wisdom, class (even if it was fake). She became Ms. Respectability.

7) The woman who had problems in doing anything practical, like cooking or driving a car, had a knack for what makes people tick. And knew how to kiss asses and network.

8) She loved what she did, and still does. Even though she is retiring from “The View”, she is going to continue being its Executive Producer even though she’s 85. When you love what you do, you never want to stop doing it. Lucky few love what they do. Yes, I would have loved to have her life.


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