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Facebook and Romantic Relationships

It is notorious how Facebook can cause problems for couples. It has been the cause of many divorces and break ups. Many married people have reconnected with former girl/boyfriends and started affairs.  Obviously you can keep secrets not only on Facebook but in other ways, and it’s just one more way to connect to people. There are numerous dating sites and chat rooms that facilitate cheating.

I know couples that have so much trust between them that they have each other’s password for emails and everything else. They feel comfortable and have nothing to hide. When you feel the need to hide, you need to reexamine your feelings for your partner and your relationship in general.

Facebook can sometimes show how committed you are to your partner. Happy couples many times have profiles pictures where they are together. Their relationship status is either “married to” or “in a relationship with” their partner, comfortable and proud that everyone they know will see it. Sometimes for privacy and professional reasons, personal information is not volunteered; but in that case, should you really have a personal page? When someone hides their romantic partner from their Facebook page, it means that they are torn and flaky about that person.  It can also mean they don’t want their backups-people they are either interested in or who are interested in them-to see it, for fear of alienating them. Are you afraid that if you add “in a relationship with” someone your “backup plans” will all defriend you? Are these people more important than your partner? Are you hooked on the admiration and ego lifting from people of the opposite sex?

If your relationship goes through a crisis or a break up, take a long time to change its status on Facebook. Don’t hurry to change because you might reconcile faster than you think. Don’t act impulsively.

Facebook can be a really good way to evaluate what you really feel for your girlfriend, boyfriend or spouse.  I have several Facebook friends who praise and say beautiful things about their partners, celebrate their anniversaries, etc. I feel a huge admiration-with a twinge of envy-for these people.



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