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Venting to the World

Brazilian Incongruence

Brazilians want free public healthcare of the best quality. They also want plenty of qualified doctors.

That costs a lot of money

Brazilians want dirt cheap reliable public transportation.

That costs a lot of money

Brazilians want free elementary, middle and high school education with first world standards. They also want free universities.

That costs a lot of money

Brazilians complain about corruption, but elected back into office the same corrupt former president that had been impeached by the people (Fernando Collor). Brazilians call all politicians corrupt (which is true), but they vote for them! They are in denial about the fact that they voted for notoriously corrupt people.

Brazilians complain about having one of the highest tax rates in the world (40%) and not having good services back. While that has merit, the demands on the government to provide everything free and of the best quality require a lot of taxes! And if the money is not being well used (example, full pensions until death for government workers, bribes upon construction of bridges and highways and schools), it is because Brazilians don’t know how to vote.

Brazilians love soccer and want to attend all the games. They wanted the World Cup to be in Brazil. The stadiums had to be built on FIFA standards of safety. Now they complain about them. However, Brazil won the Confederations Cup and everybody cheered and celebrated. They brag about how mnay foreigners attended that cup.

Brazilians complain about not having any money for important social issues, but spend millions on a papal visit when the Vatican has billions! As well as promoting an institution based on lies, corruption and the protection of tons of pedophile priests!

Make up your mind Brazilians!


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Why Brazilian women are considered the sexiest in the world


Brazilian women have just been chosen the sexiest women in the world by Some people have asked me why that is so.  I tell them what I think may be the reasons:


1)      It is a very large country; thus it could have a larger number of attractive women (and men).

2)      The racial mixture is such that the population may have mixed the best traits of each ethnicity. Portuguese prevails; also Italian, African, Native Brazilian, German, Ukrainian and Polish compose the Brazilian racial orgy.

3)      The warm weather all year long makes people expose their bodies more. That means there is more preoccupation with looks, working out, plastic surgery, and good diet. In fact, working out is a habit and gyms abound. Those who cannot afford gyms walk a lot.

4)      Brazilian cities are made for walking. The benefits of that show in women’s bodies.

5)      The racial mixture made a very feminine shaped body, where no one feature is more pronounced than others. The large buttocks are not a Brazilian reality as people think. It’s more of a nicely shapely behind, hips and a small waist look.

6)      90% of Brazilian women wear their hair long. That adds to femininity.

7)      Brazilian women are very fashionable. The country has long followed the trends in haute couture and Parisian fashion.

8)      Although Brazilian women like lipstick, they don’t cake on the make up like their Hispanic counterparts, making for a more natural look. Hairstyles are also less styled and more windblown.

9)      Brazilian women dress sexy and trendy but not usually slutty (many exceptions of course, especially during Carnaval). Hispanic women like tighter dresses, higher heels and lots of jewelry, while Brazilians prefer a fresher and younger look.

10)   The food is not so processed.  People still cook from scratch and vegetables and fruits are fresh and abundant.

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