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10 ways the internet is cheapening relationships

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Two tools that were inexistent decades ago were social media sites and dating sites. There are many social sciences dissertations studying the impact of these two relatively new phenomena in personal relationships. When we talk about romantic relationships, some observations can be made:

1) Conflicts can be created between couples, for example: friending exes, complimenting the picture of someone of the opposite sex, talking through private messages and venting about your partner can all bring problems.

2) Dating sites have reduced romance to selecting the ripest and most colorful fruit in the street market, only to throw it aside when you find another fruit you like better. Changing partners has become extremely easy at the click of a button. Problems with your boyfriend or girlfriend? Get your profile up. Problems in your marriage? Find someone new quickly online.

3) Why take the time to get to know and court someone you like when you can be going out with many men or women at the same time?

4) If you need sex, you can easily find someone who will sleep with you on the first date, or you can go to a casual encounters website.

5) You choose people based on certain criteria (height, education, looks, etc.) and may overlook people who you could really have a loving relationship with.

6) Because of the sheer number of people who you are in contact with, you treat them not as people with feelings but as numbers. Basic respect is lost.

7) Instant chemistry is expected on a first date, and when that doesn’t happen, one goes on a new date instead of letting the cycle of falling in love happen naturally. Think of the relationships you had in the past: how many were really love at first sight?

8) Facebook and other social media sites produce expectation on each side of the couple. One expects the other to showcase their love and to change their status. When that doesn’t happen, frustration ensues.

9) Seeing your ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend on a dating site right after a break up is very devastating.

10) You no longer hold on to your relationship and try to make it work, because there is a world of potential dates out there. That can be good or bad, depending on the circumstances.


May 13, 2013 - Posted by | Relationships, Technology

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