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The 60 year old playboys


There is a new phenomenon out there in the dating world: men who are approaching 60 and are still single. Most of these men have been married in the past-sometimes once or twice, and have become very skeptical about marriage. Thus, they spend their 40’s and 50’s being playboys-dating one woman after the other, always looking for looks and not much substance. Then something happens: they suddenly age. They lose their “mature guy” good looks to become older men.

You would think that they would have a very easy time with the large number of middle aged divorced women trying to find a man, while they can date younger women and have a wider selection. But that is not what I am seeing. I am seeing men who reach 60 and cannot find a date. The reason is simple: they do not appeal to younger women, and they do not look like they did in their 40’s any longer. Welcome to a rude awakening. Additionally, the 50 year old women who would normally entertain dating them now prefer men their age. Not only these women now  look great with all the new cosmetic treatments, they have their own money and do not need to marry an older guy to have a decent lifestyle. They are no longer helpless women who need a man to support them. No wonder some of these men even consider bringing a woman from a poor country where they have few professional options.

Unless the older man has a lot of money, he will have to look at women around his age who are healthy and active, and not become so obsessed with looks and youth.


April 2, 2013 - Posted by | Relationships

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