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From MacMansion to Condo

I recently had an experience in my life of moving from a 8000 sq. feet new mansion to an older 1,200 sq. feet condo. The house had 6 bedrooms and 8 full bathrooms. My rented condo has 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms (thank goodness for the second bathroom!).

Which one do I like best? Obviously, the big house! Which one I am happier living at? The condo! And here is why:

1) The condo is close to work. My commute is 8 minutes as opposed to 40 minutes or more. The quality of life you gain in not being stuck in traffic is tremendous.

2) I always felt guilty living in such a huge house knowing that so many people have very bad living conditions.

3) The big house was isolating and far from other people. The condo is near everyone and everything. I can walk to shops and grocery stores.

4) I feel I have everything I need in a condo, except storage space. All you really need to live is a bed, a bathroom, a table to eat, a TV, a couch and a kitchen. Furthermore, lap tops and tablets are making the computer desk/room a thing of the past.

5) My community has a pool. My mansion had a pool. I was often alone in my pool whereas at my community I enjoy seeing and meeting other folks who live near me.

6) Even though I had a big house, not many people would come over, since the United States does not have the culture of visiting people at home. People prefer to meet in bars and restaurants. And how many big parties do you really throw in your life (unless you are someone famous), especially during a recession?

So for all those envying the beautiful big houses you see in advertisements or movies, ask yourself if the people inside are really happy…


September 12, 2012 - Posted by | Lifestyle


  1. If your home is your primary residence, personal use is the most important reason to purchase and not as an investment. Is it a great place to call home.
    When I have that special place then it’s time for a sexy Brazilian woman.

    Comment by Colin Cambel | September 13, 2012 | Reply

  2. Maybe you’re starting on the road to the Tiny House movement. You can find some links on my blog. I’ve been downsizing for years. One-bedroom apartment, to 400+ square foot efficiency (with porch). Coming soon, 200+ square foot efficiency. I’ve thought about living in my car, but it’s really too small. Ah, simplicity!

    Comment by John Hayden | May 3, 2013 | Reply

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