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20 reasons why I love being middle-aged:

1) My health is still good and my energy levels the same as before
2) I’m done with raising children and now have the freedom to enjoy myself
3) I have more money
4) I can take vacations off-season
5) I have much more wisdom and courage
6) I have learned from my mistakes
7) I am much more confident
8) I no longer feel I have to take bullshit
9) I am more independent
10) I don’t have to worry about getting pregnant
11) I know my limitations and accept them
12) I am more tolerant with others’ limitations because I know no one is perfect
13) I am less prejudiced
14) I have a better capacity to analyze and understand things
15) I have accumulated life experience and knowledge
16) I am not shy and I am much more fearless
17) I no longer have illusions of becoming rich and famous
18) I appreciate simpler things in life
19) I take better care of my health
20) I still love Love and Sex 🙂

For those afraid of the big 5-0, think about it.


July 31, 2012 - Posted by | Psychology

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  1. Well said. Your top 20 are bang on. Cheers.

    Comment by bud | August 5, 2012 | Reply

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