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Personal Responsability

I have a rant about personal responsability and the way Libertarians and extreme right-wingers/conservatives view it.

I am all for personal responsability. As a mother, I compare governments to parenting. If you protect your children too much, if you give them too much, if you coddle them too much or if you don’t let them learn through trial and error and pain, you have the risk of raising a future spoiled lazy brat/brattess. Your child turns 16 and you give them a new BMW? Oh boy…

However, you need to give them a foundation. You need to provide them with a safety net: a clean house, food, education, healthcare and security. You may even help them start their lives and a business with advice and some capital. You reward good behavior.

The same way, I believe in a government that guarantees the minimum conditions for citizens who were not born with a silver spoon in their mouth. Education, a clean environment, water, sewage, healthcare, roads, assistance for poor children, the elderly and the sick (including mental illness), police protection, national security, a justice system that is FAIR for all (we all know that the people with the best lawyers win cases), incentives for small businesses and other job creators, assistance for people with ideas who want to start a business, investments in Science and Technology, etc.

I should also add “government regulations”. There should be regulations in place against the abuse of power, excess greed and destruction of the environment. Banks, credit card companies, insurance companies, cable companies…there has been too much abuse in America.

That means we can have a stronger middle class where more people have opportunities. We have a more educated and healthier population. And we all know that a country with a strong middle class is a strong country.


July 11, 2012 - Posted by | Politics, Society

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