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Venting to the World

15 things I learned in 15 years living in the United States (as opposed to Brazil)

More acceptance of people who are different than us (racially, ethnically, language, culturally)
The class system is something to be ashamed of
Treat those who are poorer or less powerful than you with respect
No one is better than anyone
More understanding of different faiths
Be more polite: say excuse-me, thank you, open doors, wait in line
Drive more responsibly
Dependant less on others for practical things
Don’t litter
Smile at people
Don’t look other women up and down. If you like their clothes/shoes/hair, tell them so
Teach your daughters to be feminine but not seductive
Teach your daughters they can be anything they want and not depend on a man
Try a greater variety of foods from other parts of the world
It’s not important to look fabulous and follow fashion all the time. You can dress casually and still be respected.


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20 reasons why I love being middle-aged:

1) My health is still good and my energy levels the same as before
2) I’m done with raising children and now have the freedom to enjoy myself
3) I have more money
4) I can take vacations off-season
5) I have much more wisdom and courage
6) I have learned from my mistakes
7) I am much more confident
8) I no longer feel I have to take bullshit
9) I am more independent
10) I don’t have to worry about getting pregnant
11) I know my limitations and accept them
12) I am more tolerant with others’ limitations because I know no one is perfect
13) I am less prejudiced
14) I have a better capacity to analyze and understand things
15) I have accumulated life experience and knowledge
16) I am not shy and I am much more fearless
17) I no longer have illusions of becoming rich and famous
18) I appreciate simpler things in life
19) I take better care of my health
20) I still love Love and Sex 🙂

For those afraid of the big 5-0, think about it.

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Personal Responsability

I have a rant about personal responsability and the way Libertarians and extreme right-wingers/conservatives view it.

I am all for personal responsability. As a mother, I compare governments to parenting. If you protect your children too much, if you give them too much, if you coddle them too much or if you don’t let them learn through trial and error and pain, you have the risk of raising a future spoiled lazy brat/brattess. Your child turns 16 and you give them a new BMW? Oh boy…

However, you need to give them a foundation. You need to provide them with a safety net: a clean house, food, education, healthcare and security. You may even help them start their lives and a business with advice and some capital. You reward good behavior.

The same way, I believe in a government that guarantees the minimum conditions for citizens who were not born with a silver spoon in their mouth. Education, a clean environment, water, sewage, healthcare, roads, assistance for poor children, the elderly and the sick (including mental illness), police protection, national security, a justice system that is FAIR for all (we all know that the people with the best lawyers win cases), incentives for small businesses and other job creators, assistance for people with ideas who want to start a business, investments in Science and Technology, etc.

I should also add “government regulations”. There should be regulations in place against the abuse of power, excess greed and destruction of the environment. Banks, credit card companies, insurance companies, cable companies…there has been too much abuse in America.

That means we can have a stronger middle class where more people have opportunities. We have a more educated and healthier population. And we all know that a country with a strong middle class is a strong country.

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