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The Nice Guy vs. the Bad Boy experiment

One of my friends led a very interesting non-scientific experiment with his friends. They created two false profiles on The first one they simply called “Jim”. Jim was a nice man who likes long walks in the park and foreign movies. Jim had never been married and did not have children. He was also financially stable with a nice job. Jim exercised, did not smoke, had a healthy diet and drank socially. One of the friends, who was nice looking, offered his picture for the “Jim” profile.

The second profile created was “Rusty”. Rusty drives a Harley, has 4 children from 2 different ex-wives, likes to go out with his “buddies”, smoked and drank. Rusty’s picture was of a suave guy with dark shades and hair gelled back.

Guess who got more letters on Yes, you are right. Rusty did. Many more.

Rusty then made several dates with many of the women who had contacted him. Rusty failed to appear to the dates, without calling in advance. Hours later, the women would email him: “What happened”? Rusty gave them the excuse that he had had to pick up one of his sons. The women were very understanding, even when Rusty said he was delayed because his baby momma was giving him a hard time for “not paying child support”. It gets worse: the women he had stood up asked him to schedule another date.

Jim meanwhile, wasn’t as nearly successful. What does it say about women and women’s decision making when it comes to relationships? Are we really attracted to the difficult types because they are a challenge? Can we learn with age to choose the good guys? Maybe the women who attempt to find a date online are not as discerning? All in all, it was an interesting little experiment that actually makes me a little sad.


January 31, 2012 Posted by | Relationships | 5 Comments