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The KKK Infiltration

Here’s an exclusive story told to me by a black man in his 60’s. I will keep his anonymity since he is aware of the tentacles of the infamous Ku Klux Klan, still a powerful hate group:

It was the summer of 1967. Fifteen young Black and Hispanic men, some of whom had been in the Army, created a plan to infiltrate a KKK meeting in Augusta, Georgia. They planned the invasion for 6 whole months. One of them, who we will call C.J., was the mastermind. The purpose of this invasion was to find out what the KKK was plannning and be prepared in advance.

They were heavily armed under the white gowns and mask and walked into the chambers where the meeting would be held. They sat in the back. They listened in total silence to the plans and strategies that were being discussed. They learned how the KKK intended to hold a key position in every government office, city halls and courts. In that particular meeting, they heard how they were planning to make local the Sheriff one of them.

Eight months later, Martin Luther King was assassinated.


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  1. That story has the potential to get printed!

    Comment by Nefertari | February 27, 2012 | Reply

  2. Agreed, he should talk to a jounalist. I guess he’s afraid.

    Comment by Brasilmagic | February 27, 2012 | Reply

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