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The KKK Infiltration

Here’s an exclusive story told to me by a black man in his 60’s. I will keep his anonymity since he is aware of the tentacles of the infamous Ku Klux Klan, still a powerful hate group:

It was the summer of 1967. Fifteen young Black and Hispanic men, some of whom had been in the Army, created a plan to infiltrate a KKK meeting in Augusta, Georgia. They planned the invasion for 6 whole months. One of them, who we will call C.J., was the mastermind. The purpose of this invasion was to find out what the KKK was plannning and be prepared in advance.

They were heavily armed under the white gowns and mask and walked into the chambers where the meeting would be held. They sat in the back. They listened in total silence to the plans and strategies that were being discussed. They learned how the KKK intended to hold a key position in every government office, city halls and courts. In that particular meeting, they heard how they were planning to make local the Sheriff one of them.

Eight months later, Martin Luther King was assassinated.


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Is America exporting culture anymore?

In the last 80 years, the United States has exported the idea of the perfect place to live. The “Land of the free”, the “American dream”, the land of endless possibilities. A whole cultural landscape was presented to the world when the movie industry started in the 1920’s.

Generations of people all around the world grew up with and were marveled by Silent era movies, the glamorous 40’s with its beautiful women (Rita Hayworth, Joan Crawford and later Marilyn Monroe)), the idyllic 50’s and classic movies such as “Giant” with Elizabeth Taylor and James Dean, as well as “West Side Story”. Musicals made Americans seem happy-go-lucky people who could sing and dance at the drop of a hat.

The 60’s came and brought revolutionary ideas through social movements, such as the hippie movement, the “love & peace” era and war protests, that extended through the 70s. The 80’s made American TV ever more present in every household across the globe with series such as “Starsky & Hutch”, “Dynasty” and “Dallas”. American was the place where anything could happen. American was the place of big cars, big houses and tree lined safe neighborhoods.

Meanwhile, big box office Hollywood hits such as “Jaws”, “Saturday Night Fever” and “Star Wars” have awed teenagers everywhere with its popularity, special effects or great music. Hollywood still produces big hits, and American TV is still watched in many countries, but exactly what kind of American culture are we exporting now? TV is dominated by reality shows (we have exported the IDEA of the shows to other countries, but not the shows themselves) and Hollywood has produced too many duds recently. What do we export that can be envied by millions of people in other countries? Snooki and “The Situation”? Please. Maybe along with this economy in its never ending recession, the American dream is also in a slump?

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Think before you marry a…….

While in the throes of love and lust, the fact that couples often turn a blind eye to some red flags or postpone good judgment is common knowledge. Whether it is the hormone oxytocin or putting their mate on a pedestal, it’s easy to overlook some factors that can become minor or major sources of distress and tension in a marriage. Many of these issues come from the profession a person has. So even if you are head over heels in love with your partner but they have one of the professions below, see if you are really prepared for the rough ride. Forget how much you love him or her. Just ask yourself: “over the years, how would I feel if my partner…”.

1) Think before you marry a…..politician. Based on recent stories, if your male partner is in politics, be aware that some women are attracted to power and might pursue your partner with no regard for his relationship status. Not only that, your partner will constantly be invited to social situations and sometimes you will not be a part of that. He will also be on the road when campaigning, and he/she might require that you accompany him or her as well. If you have your own career, going on road trips and shaking hands might not be possible.

2) Think before you marry a…..pilot. You will spend many nights alone, and other important dates of you and your children’s lives without your partner. Pilots who work for UPS and FedEx have long periods at home, but they also have long periods making deliveries all around the globe. Truck drivers are also included in this category.

3) Think before you marry a……actor. The entertainment business is fraught with temptations. Actors sometimes film in distant locations and stay in hotels or trailers, surrounded by other actors. Too many love stories have originated in movie sets. Notwithstanding the love scenes and bond that happens while filming, actors also have huge egos fed by fans and constant praise.

4) Think before you marry….. a fashion photographer. Photographers often work with beautiful models and famous people. Some of them photograph nude models. Stories of affairs between the person behind the lens and in front of the lens abound. Can you deal with that well?

5) Think before you marry…..a war correspondent. The fact your husband or wife may not come back and is in constant danger is not very comforting.

6) Think before you marry a……doctor or a lawyer. According to general gossip, doctors and nurses and lawyer and secretary are common set ups for extra-marital affairs.

7) Think before you marry…..a retired person. Do you really want your partner to be home all day doing nothing?

8) Think before you marry a…..military person. This one is obvious. Your partner may be sent overseas for long periods. Your partner may also be in danger when there is a military conflict.

9) Think before you marry a…..night shift nurse. Or anyone who works the night shift. Do you think you can handle a partner whose schedule is opposite than yours?

10) Think before you marry a… actor or stripper. No explanation necessary.

11) Think before you marry a…..police officer. Bad hours and some danger involved as well.

12) Think before you marry a…..race car driver. Your partner will be gone most weekends or more, and if you hold a job you might not be able to accompany him. And if you do, be prepared for smell of tires, smoke and a lot of noise. Ah, and you will never see him before a race, when he is “preparing” his car.

13) Think before you marry an…..archaeologist. He or she will spend long periods in some far away excavation site.

14) Think before you marry a…..small business owner. Unless you and your partner work together in the family business (think Mom & Pop shop, Chinese restaurants, etc) you are set for a life of loneliness & no vacations. Small business owners have very little downtime, usually work odd hours & weekends and can rarely get away for a one week vacation-imagine a 2-week to a month one. Additionally, they are usually overworked & stressed out.

What’s left? An accountant? That seems pretty safe, right? Can you think of other careers, hobbies or activities that can cause problems in a romantic relationship?

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