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Child Molestation: the hidden horror

More and more people are speaking up about being molested as children. Celebrities like Ashley Judd, Oprah Winfrey, singer Sinead O’Connor, actress Mackenzie Phillips, Senator Scott Brown, actor Rob Lowe, DWTS dancer Cheryl Burke and many others have spoken about it in their memoirs. Last year, a Princeton grad student, Bill Zeller, left a very shocking suicide letter (read letter here: t describing the horror he lived with all his life after being repeatedly raped since age 3.

Many Catholic priests have been accused and confirmed of having molested minors. More and more stories are coming out of the woodwork. Child molestation is the dark secret that for decades and probably centuries was always very well hidden, since it was always perpetrated by an adult to an innocent child, who was often threatened if they dared tell anyone. These cowards use their power and strength to scare the child, who they know have little chance of reacting. These people are often frustrated people who in real life do not have much power over anything. It is not so much about sex as it is about power. Imagine the suffering millions of children have gone though and have carried with them through their lives. Most children don’t tell anyone afraid of the consequences and the fact that no one will believe them.

The more people speak about it and warn their children to tell them if it ever happens to them, the less these sick people will get away with such a terrible violation. The effects of being molested affect people in different ways, and the degree of molestation can vary from a caress that is inappropriate, to exhibitionism and to full rape. Whatever the degree of sexual abuse is, it is never forgotten and can negatively influence one’s life. Few children get any psychological help.

Parents should always be careful with whom they leave their children. Many parents, especially those with low incomes, have little alternative than to leave their kids with relatives, sometimes male relatives. These relatives are publicly “nice” people who would never be seen as child molesters, but who are sometimes able of such a horrible act. Even though I don’t want to vilify the male sex only, (there are many women who also molest children) there are many more cases of male caregivers who do it. Fathers, stepfathers, uncles, grandfathers, neighbors, friends of the family, clergy. There are too many stories in the world to ignore this terrible violation. I have personally heard from many people who have been molested as children by people who their parents trusted, if not by their own father. The more we expose this, the more we talk about it and the more we alert our children about it and make them feel safe to tell us, the less chances these monsters will get away with it.


June 29, 2011 - Posted by | Family, Psychology

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