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America: The Grim Truth (via America: The Grim Truth)

For Brazilians, the USA has always had a much better quality of life. But if you are a Brazilian with earning power, this is not true. Life in Brazil is less stressful (maybe with the exception of Rio and Sao Paulo), people just enjoy life more. And with the growth of its economy, this is proving to be even truer. I have heard Australia has a very good lifestyle, and of course, Europe has always been one of my favorite spots on Earth. I guess the article makes things sound worse than they are, but there are some truths there of course. I am more stressed out than I was in Brazil. And I have less time for leisure (and my commute kills me).

Americans, I have some bad news for you: You have the worst quality of life in the developed world – by a wide margin. If you had any idea of how people really lived in Western Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and many parts of Asia, you’d be rioting in the streets calling for a better life. In fact, the average Australian or Singaporean taxi driver has a much better standard of living than the typical American white-collar worker. I know t … Read More

via America: The Grim Truth


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  1. Is life in the US really that hard or is this just one person generalizing too much?

    Comment by Rita | January 26, 2011 | Reply

  2. What the author of this article – along with so many other disaffected and disallusioned expats and liberal-minded people – fails to realize is that the prosperity and security of Western Europe, Canada and Australia is entirely underwritten by the United States. They literally live under an umbrella of military and economic hegemony provided at the expense of the American taxpayer. They can afford to fund lavish welfare states because their token militaries are neither required to defend their respective homelands, nor to carry out imperial wars in order to secure energy resources for their futures. Those tasks are left to the Americans.

    So we, in the U.S., have unwittingly given rise to playboy nations that are living large and enjoying the good life while big brother (the U.S.) does the dirty work of globalization. They look upon us with smug indignation for being a nation of overweight and self-affected blowhards – not realizing that they, too, are living in a fool’s paradise.

    I am neither a jingoist nor a right-wing zealot. On the contrary, I am a progressive with isolationist leanings who is tired of being a punching bag for the rest of the developed world. Let them fend for themselves, or else acknowledge that their social policies and lifestyles, like those of the US, are founded on an unsustainable model of unending economic growth and its concomitant resource consumption.

    Unfortunately there is only one Earth, and it cannot support unbounded growth forever.

    Comment by J. David Neatrour | August 23, 2011 | Reply

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