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Is altruism self serving?

Once you understand that we are not “creatures of god”, but simply evolved beings who grew a complex brain, we become more patient with human faults. And we understand better our intentions.

I have always believed human beings do good actions like charity and activism because they want to feel good about themselves. The goal isn’t material reward, but a kind of psychological high. I think Mother Theresa enjoyed doing what she did; it made her feel valuable and important. When we give money to a cause or a charity, we feel empathetic and happy, which probably increases the dopamine levels in our brains.

Human beings are self protective. Our survival instinct is always at play, except when we make bad choices. Bad choices can be a result of low intelligence, bad parenting, emotional and mental illness. However, humans usually try to do things that make them feel good.

Skeptical much? Yes. I believe we behave and treat others well because we want to survive-and feel good.


January 7, 2011 - Posted by | Activism, Psychology

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