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Technology bringing people together

Remember that with the advent of the internet many people thought the digital world would make people isolated? That people would hide behind a computer desk and a nickname and never see anyone?

There are probably people who still hide behind a computer desk, but the techonology we have now has actually brought people closer. Social networking sites like Facebook has kept us in touch with old friends and schoolmates who we would otherwise not be talking to anymore. We can also folllow details of friends’ and relatives’ lives. Email has allowed us to communicate faster and more frequently with everyone we know, and the latest technology has allowed computers and phones with front cameras to show us who we are talking to. That definitely can bring people even closer.

In the past centuries, immigrants would take a ship and go to a faraway land. Most of these immigrants never went back home; never saw or talked to family members again. Letters would take weeks or months to arrive. Communication technology has made distance from loved ones so much easier to put up with.

Video-conferencing is a great tool for those with family in other cities and countries. The use of video conferencing for business has been well explored, but even though we’ve had the technology for over 15 years, the quality wasn’t good enough to make people really use it. The image was often grainy and would freeze continuously. With better bandwith and Skype, Adobe Connect, the iPhone4 (FaceTime) and other Android phones we have now at our disposal a much better video and audio definition.

The latest novelty for communicating with others is the Cisco umi: Cisco has a device that linked to a HDTV produces a high quality video of someone who is far away. Grandparents can use video-conferencing to see their grandchildren often, long distance lovers can see each other (although that will never substitute for touch…) and families that live apart can share holidays “together”.

Who doesn’t like technology when it brings comfort and happiness?


January 5, 2011 - Posted by | Technology

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  1. I am predicting that in about 20 years millions of people will die of brain-cancer caused by this damn cell-phone-radiation.
    Modern technology will cause mankinds doom!

    Comment by Exverlobter | December 3, 2011 | Reply

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