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The David Goldman case, almost a year later.

Next month it will be one year since Sean Goldman boarded a private jet with his father David and came back to his home in New Jersey. It was a 5 year struggle for David. I only heard about the case early in 2009 through a friend who sent me the Dateline NBC link. The case piqued my interest for obvious reasons: I am Brazilian born, I live in the USA, I was married to a foreigner and I have children. But in the first place, my heart went out to that father, and I was able to empathize with his pain.
I spent the best part of 2009 writing emails to politicians in Brazil as well as in the United States while making posts online about the story. Helping David was my priority in 2009, to the point that I left other things behind.
I am sure next month there will be many posts about the Goldman case and a lot of memories will be brought back. For me, it was seeing the wedding pictures of one of the volunteers on Facebook this week that made me realize how all the people who actively helped David through emails, posts and phone calls had this bond-the bond of having a good heart.
I met many wonderful people through the Bring Sean Home website. We formed a community. Almost one year later, I talk to these people as if they are good friends. I follow their lives. This particular bride lives in Portugal, one lives in Miami, another in Rio, another in Colorado, another in New Jersey..and the list goes on. We are united through our sense of empathy and our dislike of injustice. I hope we continue being friends and helping other parents in similar situation.

November 13, 2010 - Posted by | Activism


  1. Do you know if Dateline is planning to do a follow up/update on the Goldman’s story one year later? I would be interested to see how they have adjusted one year later.

    Comment by Stella Brooks | December 7, 2010 | Reply

  2. Will there be an update to the Sean Goldman story in 2011? I would love to hear about his happiness.

    Comment by DCB | January 14, 2011 | Reply

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