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One of the things that catch my attention in the USA, one of the largest and richest countries in the world, is how little health prevention is reinforced. We read articles about health but the focus seems to be in “miracle diets” and “how to lose 20 pounds in 2 weeks” instead of how to eat healthy and exercise thus preventing several killers like heart disease and diabetes.

Add to that the cost of health insurance and the fact that many Americans don’t have any public type of health care, and you see why the hospitals are full of sick people. Many people wait until they are very sick to finally seek medical care. My daughter is a medical student and she sees it every day: people who are very unhealthy because they’ve destroyed themselves with bad foods, lack of exercise and smoking.

We do not see many government ads on TV about eating right and exercising. Public school cafeterias still sell garbage to the students. Many people get their food from convenience stores, which is filled with white flour, fat laden and sugary treats. There is little to none physical education in school. Kids now sit in front of the computer a lot and don’t play outside enough.  Parents are overworked and have long commutes, so dinner sometimes is pizza or take out from a fast food restaurant.

Except for some advocates such as Anderson Cooper on CNN, little is said about prevention in the national media. The big food corporations fill TV ads with candy, soda and chips ads on channels viewed by children.  I applaud Michelle Obama’s initiative when it comes to teaching children a more healthful lifestyle but I think it is not reaching enough people. The message is right but somehow it is not being effective. Fast food and processed foods are ingrained in the American lifestyle.

I have also not found one doctor in this country who told me I should eat right and exercise (see my post about the 5 minute doctors). There is no holistic approach and no interest in teaching people how to maintain their health. They are too hurried trying to see the most number of patients a day. There is actually a shortage of doctors in many areas in America.

The number of obese people, including children, in the USA is a shocker for the rest of the world.  Somehow the past administrations have not been able to reach these people. It is a national disaster. When being fat is considered acceptable, and feeding children bad foods is a norm, the future of the citizens is compromised.


November 13, 2010 - Posted by | Health, Lifestyle

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