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Seven reasons SATC and RHONY are successful

“Sex and the City” and “The Real Housewives of New York City” have gained popularity to the point that many people recognize these acronyms. Both shows, one based on fictitious characters and the other based on real characters in probably fictitious or scripted situations, center themselves on the lives of quasi-middle aged women who are friends or socialize together. Both shows have been an enormous success. Why is that?

I suppose there are a few reasons:

1) The women in these shows look great for their age. They wear designer duds and have great figures. Every woman their age in America would love to look exactly like them, and most don’t.

2) Every woman has a different personality. Women usually identify themselves with one of them or see bits and pieces of their personality on each one of them.

3) Women love tales of love and sex and conversations about relationships, which these shows have an abundance of.

4) Many of these women go through bad experiences with men and through bad break ups, which most women can relate to.

5) Both of these shows are in NYC, a city considered a “playgound for adults”.  A housewife from small town America can daydream for a whole hour about walking the streets of Manhattan in her 4 inch stilletos, looking sophisticated and worldly . For that short period of time, they live vicariously through these glamorous women.

6) Female friendships have been more celebrated since women’s lib. Women desire having a group of friends they can share things with. In the past, women would have girlfriends from school and once married, their contact with other women would be limited to other couples. Nowadays, it is ok for married women to have their own friends and do things with them.

7) Gossip. Men and women alike love gossip. Gossip is a bestselling commodity in America, and these shows are full of it!

8) For many women, it gives them hope that their lives, one day, may be full of parties, fashion shows, handsome men and limo rides.


May 20, 2010 - Posted by | Being a woman

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