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Leave Fido outside!

In many Brazilian homes, a dog is a necessity.  Burglaries in major cities are common, and a dog can alert residents of anyone who approaches the house. Bigger dogs not only bark but also attack strangers that try to force their way through gates and fences, which the majority of Brazilian houses have.

In the United States, whilst some people may see a dog as a security tool, they are more often seen as companions. And there lies the difference in how dogs live with their owners in both countries: in Brazil, dogs live outside in the yard, and not inside the house (unless they are small dogs like pekinese, cocker spaniels and chiwauwas).  In America, many people have big dogs, such as labradors, collies and bulldogs, living with them inside the house and even sleeping on their beds. That is something I would not like, maybe because I wasn’t raised with dogs. We only had birds in our house 🙂

I remember going to a party a few years ago in a house where there was this big labrador. The guests were huddled around a low table in the living room where several wineglasses stood. The host’s big dog walked around the table and between our legs and over our feet while we had to constantly watch for the dog’s tail not to knock down those crystal glasses. I was annoyed by it, but the dog’s owner did not notice our discomfort.

Is that’s a cultural difference or just a preference? I am not sure, because if I were to have a dog, I can imagine the extra work and expense I would have. Now that I am an empty nester, do I want one more kid, even if it’s a “kid” that can stay home alone? I don’t think so. Anyway, having big dogs inside one’s living quarters is not something usual in Brazil. Dogs, like maids, stay out of the family space….Anyhow, for me, the doghouse is not only for husbands, but for Fido too 🙂


May 19, 2010 - Posted by | Difference between cultures

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