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A-ha concert in NYC

A-ha’s Farewell Tour in NYC May 8, 2010.

These guys are an example of a band that did not get itself involved in any scandals.  No break ups, no fights, no drugs, no arrests. They were famous all around the world but not so much in the USA in the 80’s. They are all middle aged now and have families. They look exceptionally good though (Morten, who was a doll in the 80’s, still looks great for 50). All three slim and in shape and with their hair intact:)

The show was good, but I expected them to be a bit warmer with the audience, engage the audience a little more, since this is their farewell tour. Or so they said. I also thought the video as a background onstage is unimaginative-maybe I was expecting a more elaborate production. They wore simple clothes and did not change their outfits. They played some unknown songs in the beginning and then the hits started, with a grand finale with the beautiful “Take on me”:

Pictures I took (not so great as they are iPhone pics with no flash): 


May 10, 2010 - Posted by | Music

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