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Musical tastes and age

Some people think you can find out a person’s age by their musical taste. That is true, but you can be surpised at how many people in their 20’s dig Pink Floyd and other oldies bands and how many middle aged folks like me like some of the contemporary artists.  This reminds me of an episode of the great movie “Office Space”, where a white conservative guy is listening to rap music in his car…:)

I was not a fan of R&B and hiphop until Lady Gaga sparked my interest in so called “new music”. I stopped listening exclusively to my 80’s and Britop songs I still love and started listening to a DC radio station called “Hot 99.5”, where they play the hits of the moment. Hard to believe, but now I enjoy the same music as my 19 year old daughter (which makes her laugh).

My favorites at the moment:

Bruno Mars’ “Nothing on you”:

Taio Cruz’  “Break my heart” :

Lady Gaga: everything!


May 7, 2010 - Posted by | Music

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