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Most people have heard about body language experts. People read what is in other people’s minds and what are their intentions just by their facial expressions or gestures.

There is a actually a series called “Lie to me”:  It was inspired by a real-life psychologist who is able to read clues in people’s faces, body language and voice to determine if they are guilty or not of a crime. I think it may be a good substitute for mind reading and telepathy! And since I don’t believe in psychics (they are charlatans just like your priest and pastor), body language experts are at least using tangible facts.

I am one of these people fascinated by body language. When it comes to couples, I am a amateur expert 🙂 Show me a picture of a couple and I will tell you if they have serious issues, if they are in love or not and which one in the couple is more in love than the other.  Ah, and if the relationship will last or not. Well, maybe not only one picture, but several. No stop, maybe not just pictures, but watching them interact with each other…

I remember how I predicted that James Cameron, who won “Best Movie” for “Titanic”, was going to leave his then wife. When his name was announced, she looked at him adoringly while he did not once glance at her direction. I thought to myself: this man is not in love with this woman. I was half right: in fact, he was already cheating on her with his subsequent wife, Suzy Amis. 

Take a look at your pictures. Pictures of you alone, pictures of you with your love interests. If you try to analyze body language, you may come up with some really interesting clues about yourself and your relationships.


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