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Golddiggers and bimbos apart, intelligent men look for intelligent women when it comes to a serious relationship. Men are becoming more demanding when it comes to finding a woman with career goals, serious interests and intellectual capacity.

Signs of the recession or signs of the changes in the role of women in society, the truth is that just a pretty face does not cut it anymore. I have heard from friends in the dating world that potential male dates want to know what a woman does for a living as much as women normally do, as well as if she owns the place she lives or what car she drives.

But beyond material assets, the new generation of men is looking for an intellectual equal. The days of leaving the little lady at home and going out with the boys for some intelligent conversation are over. Today’s women discuss politics, technology and economics as well as any of the boys.

Computers have helped bridge that gap in the sense that it has made information readily available, as well as being a tool that men and women alike use on a daily basis. Young men and women share the same office space in corporations and work side by side. Gender roles are less rigid, and assistants (the old “secretaries”) can be a male while the manager may be a woman. Women have beaten men in College attendance and more and more households have the wife as the major breadwinner.

Intelligent men prefer to date and marry a smart woman because they have a need to respect their mate. They want a companion and life partner instead of a maid and cook. They know they will quickly lose interest and be bored to death with a woman who cannot follow them intellectually. This is a trend I predict will continue growing, even with all the cocktail waitresses and reality show starlets the media likes to glamourize. There is nothing more attractive than a woman who is pretty and feminine but also knowledgable and intelligent. And smart men know that.


February 22, 2010 - Posted by | Relationships


  1. Hi Brazilmagic,

    50,000 years on the Savannah plains where men are genetically programmed to find a mate with big hips for ease of child delivery, big boobs to feed the baby, facial symmetry to show good genes is not going to change overnight. It is true that given a choice of a beautiful woman with brains over one without, a man will go for the brains, but beauty wins over brains every time.

    Also (and I know that some feminists may take offence here) there is a certain attraction to a girl that is a little bit simple and needs her man to look after her. Look at Jessica Simpson for example, not the sharpest tool on the block, but there is something very appealing in her simplicity, Don’t you think?.


    Comment by Pat | March 23, 2010 | Reply

  2. Pat, as developed animals, I do know that sociobiology plays a big role in mate choosing. Women who want to be mothers know they will: 1) Have to stop working or work less to take care of a newborn; 2) Find a mate who can assist them financially so they can take care of their babies. So women tend to look for a man who will stick around and provide. It’s all fascinating, but doesn’t explain why so many women like the bad boys, right?

    Comment by Brasilmagic | March 23, 2010 | Reply

  3. Brasilmagic,

    I agree with your short post. It was something I had never considered, as I have my own set of standards and qualifiers that a man must meet: atheist, centrist or leftist, intelligent, educated in science, physically healthy and passionate about these things. I am considered pretty, have fascinating turquoise-blue eyes, and a great body; however, I have always been considered smarter than average, a leader, and a doer. Trust me, I impress people when I walk down the streets, in bars, and in the gym, and can hold long conversations.

    The point is, after seeing someone for 7 months –who matched all my qualifiers–I was smacked in the face with the realization that men have these qualifiers as well. And on his list, beyond my great looks and ability to hold a conversation, was that he wanted an intellectual equal. I failed, Brasilmagic. It is truly eyeopening to learn. (As back story, he and I both began college at 15 years of age. I originally pursued aeronautical engineering, then with terrible academic advice switched to English Literature).

    Anyway. I just wanted to support your statement, and also provide evidence against Pat’s.

    Comment by Stephanie | May 30, 2013 | Reply

    • Happened to me too Stephanie.
      It’s frustrating to find what you want in someone but they don’t feel the same way about you. Worse, you know they are making a terrible mistake, you know they will not find someone with your looks and brains and education and love for them-but there is nothing you can do to convince them of that. They are blind! Then you have to either settle for someone who is not a great match for you or stay alone. Life is not fair.

      Comment by Brasilmagic | June 3, 2013 | Reply

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