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Intelligent men, accomplished women

Golddiggers and bimbos apart, intelligent men look for intelligent women when it comes to a serious relationship. Men are becoming more demanding when it comes to finding a woman with career goals, serious interests and intellectual capacity.

Signs of the recession or signs of the changes in the role of women in society, the truth is that just a pretty face does not cut it anymore. I have heard from friends in the dating world that potential male dates want to know what a woman does for a living as much as women normally do, as well as if she owns the place she lives or what car she drives.

But beyond material assets, the new generation of men is looking for an intellectual equal. The days of leaving the little lady at home and going out with the boys for some intelligent conversation are over. Today’s women discuss politics, technology and economics as well as any of the boys.

Computers have helped bridge that gap in the sense that it has made information readily available, as well as being a tool that men and women alike use on a daily basis. Young men and women share the same office space in corporations and work side by side. Gender roles are less rigid, and assistants (the old “secretaries”) can be a male while the manager may be a woman. Women have beaten men in College attendance and more and more households have the wife as the major breadwinner.

Intelligent men prefer to date and marry a smart woman because they have a need to respect their mate. They want a companion and life partner instead of a maid and cook. They know they will quickly lose interest and be bored to death with a woman who cannot follow them intellectually. This is a trend I predict will continue growing, even with all the cocktail waitresses and reality show starlets the media likes to glamourize. There is nothing more attractive than a woman who is pretty and feminine but also knowledgable and intelligent. And smart men know that.


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An Iranian schoolboy story


I heard an interesting story the other day I wanted to share. The man who told me this story is probably in his early 40’s and was born in Iran. He is currently a businessman in Virginia. He is an intelligent and knowledgable guy, and I asked him what he had studied in College. He told me he never went to College and that he had hated school. 

The reason he hated  school so much while growing up was because the teachers did not treat the students the same way and he had to sit in the back of the classroom. He grew up during the Shah years and his father was an air conditioning technician for the Iranian Air Force. Several of his classmates’ fathers were high ranking officers or pilots, and the teachers gave these kids special attention and privileges. Kids like him could not even leave the classroom if they needed to use the bathroom, while the kids who had more status could basically do whatever they pleased.

This man decided at an early age that he would make money by working hard and never work for anyone else.  He is now successful and an example that sometimes a bad experience at school creates entrepreneurs. Unfortunately, not every child who hates school does well in life.  Education is still the best bet against poverty. Like my grandfather used to say: “you can lose money, you can lose status, but no one can take away your degree”.

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