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The woman’s checklist

beauty-tipsIt seems that women have so much to do in order to keep up the appearances, literally. Especially as we age, there are so many things we need to do on a regular basis not only to look good but to be healthy. 

There are only 24 hours in a day, and most of us work full time,  sleep about 7 hours a night and sometimes have a husband, boyfriend (or a girlfriend), children or a pet. We also want to watch a favorite show on TV, read the news, listen to music or browse the internet. Some of us even try to keep a blog, however sparingly we write on it 🙂

On top of all that, there are the little things we need to do to ensure we don’t look like old hags from the outside, and all the healthful things to ensure that our insides don’t look like raggedy as well. Because after a certain age, all those annoying things start happening to our bodies, and if we don’t prevent them, we will be just like our old great-aunt who complained of every pain under the sun. Tennis elbow, hemroids, Aquilles tendon, heartburn, restless legs syndrome, cellulite, ingrown nail, cervical cancer, high cholesterol….the list goes on.

So besides eating healthy foods and getting your daily exercise, what other things do we normally have to do to keep ourselves looking good inside and out?

-floss daily

-take multivatimins and calcium daily

-do our nails, once a week or so

-wax or shave pubic hair, underarm hair, legs, moustache..:)

-tweeze those unwanted hairs on our chin that start after the age of 30

-pluck or wax your eyebrows

-retouch your roots every time they show, whether they are dark or grey.

-style or blowdry your hair after you wash it

-botox once every 6 months

-fillers if you are over 45 +

-Pap smear (every year)

-colonoscopy every 10 years if you have no polyps

-mammography every one or two years

-endoscopy if you have any stomach ache/heartburn


-moisturize your face every morning and evening

-moisturize your hands

-moisturize your feet

-moisturize your whole body!

-get a tan, whether a suntan or fake tan to look better

-walk on uncomfortable high heels to look sexy

-have a complete check up every year-heart, blood tests, etc

-put on make up every single day

-wear jewelry almost every day

-make sure your shoes match your outfit and your purse

-go shopping for clothes from the “new season”

-take a shower every day

-make sure you have bowel movements and defecate every day 🙂

-brush your teeth completely twice a day

-pluck those nose hairs if you have them

-file your nails

-have plastic surgery when things start going downhill too much

Some men also follow many of the items listed above, and some metrossexuals do it all, but it is clear that the modern woman has many things to remember on her day to day. Whenever we forget any of the above we feel miserable, as if we were neglecting ourselves.  A lot of women know that feeling. The thing is: we are not perfect, and we cannot control everything. Let’s not beat ourselves on the head if we aren’t able to do it all. Life is too short!




November 12, 2009 - Posted by | Being a woman

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