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Yesterday I visited a “5-minute doctor”. That seems to be more and more common. I have PRIVATE insurance, a PPO, which I pay a lot of money every month for (and barely use), but I am seeing this happen very often: a long wait followed by a 5 minute check up from the doctor.

My last visit was to an orthopedist. I have something called “tennis elbow”, not from playing tennis but from moving heavy objects late last year. My arm has not healed so I went back to the same doctor I had gone early this year to(he knew my history and was walking distance from my office).

The same thing happened: I waited for one hour (with no good magazines in the waiting room :)); first in the reception area and later in a small room.

What really peeved me is that I had written in the form that I had actually two problems. Everyone knows the human body is like a machine. One thing affects the other. I had pain in some other area, which he totally disregarded. He probably wants me to pay for another consultation so he can charge to look at my other “pain”.

He spent 5 minutes with me, told me what to do (immobilize the area) and asked me to come back after 6 weeks,  hurriedly answering my questions. What a terrible experience! I think doctors don’t think empathy is necessary anymore in their consultation with patients. All they need is some knowledge. Why not then consult with a robot? A robot who would scan your body, inform you what kind of problem you have (in a robotic voice like Kanye West’s songs :)) and than print a list of recomendations?

Are doctors being forced to see a certain number of patients per hour-or may I say, per minute? If that is a private PPO, I prefer that all the money I pay go to an universal healthcare system where I would probably have to wait just the same!




August 19, 2009 - Posted by | Grievances, Health


  1. A última vez que fui ao dentista, no ano passado, me senti como um carro na linha de produção. A assistente do dentista me preparou enquanto ele estava com outro paciente na sala ao lado. Esperei pouco mais de um minuto quando ele terminou com o outro e ao meu lado trocou as luvas, lanvando as mãos na minha frente, me cumprimentou e começou o serviço. Enquanto trabalhava comentava com a assistente sobre a casa nova onde morava.Alguns minutos antes de terminar o serviço na minha boca, a assistente já saiu para a sala ao lado para preparar outro paciente que havia chegado. Terminado o serviço comigo, se despediu e deixou que a assitente passasse as últimas informções. Saí da sala, paguei pela consulta enquanto outro paciente ocupava o meu lugar na cadeira.Mais ou menos como a linha de produção de uma montadora de veículos.Os veículos não falam, eu também não podia falar enquanto ele trabalhava na minha boca…..
    O Serviço ficou ótimo.

    Comment by Valaci | October 12, 2009 | Reply

  2. Aqui eh o pais do dinheiro..tudo eh orientado para fazer dinheiro. Dinheiro primeiro, gente segundo.

    Comment by Brasilmagic | November 12, 2009 | Reply

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