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Twitter Addict

I have never become addicted to Facebook or Orkut. I would check it once in a while but I felt that I had to read too much junk from too many people. People called “friends” who I hardly knew.

When I first heard about Twitter, I immediately thought: “one more social networking website trying to compete with MySpace”. One day, I was watching “The View” when I heard the women talk about Twitter.  Their enthusiasm caught my attention and I decided to check it out.  In a matter of a few months, Twitter became my number one source of news as well as the website I most spend time on. The first thing I do when I wake up in the morning and the last thing I look at before I put my phone down at night, much to my husband’s displeasure 🙂

I now follow many people, most of them news outlets like CNN, where I get good information, the latest news and links to interesting articles right there and then. 

The evening Michael Jackson was pronounced dead, I was at the gym. I was reading my tweets in one hand and checking the news on the gym TV-which was still saying Michael Jackson had been rushed to the hospital. Looking at my tweets, I read MJ was already dead.  It took more than one whole minute for CNN to mention his death.  I can only imagine how the 9/11 news would have spread if Twitter already existed in 2001. Accounts from witnesses in real time.

I suppose the number of people I follow will increase to the point I will miss many interesting tweets, since I cannot be on the site all day. After all, there is always someone new and exciting to follow.

It may be a fad, but so far Twitter has affected my Facebook account, which I rarely check now, and this blog-greatly ignored. Let’s see how long will Twitter reign-and how long we will enjoy receiving several short messages one after the other. After all, everything has a cycle. AOL, Yahoo, MySpace…people always want something new.images

Update: my tweets are repeated on Facebook, so I am annoying my Facebook friends now 🙂


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Marriage, Relocation and Long Commutes

101419-600-0-2A certain reality many of us have to endure in big urban areas is a long commute. I traded a 5 minute commute for a 45 minute commute. Yes, shoot me. Sometimes it’s more, depending on traffic conditions/construction/accidents/weather. Why would I switch a wonderful commute for a terrible one, masochism? A desire to live in the country? A much better job with better pay? None of the above. I remarried.

In the old days, people would get married in their early 20’s and build a life together. Whatever their career would be, they would have roots in one place. If the husband was sent to a different city, state or country, the wife would invariably leave her occupation to follow her husband.

Nowadays, with many couples meeting when their career is already consolidated, or when they have children from their first marriage, they are forced to move to an area where both can maintain their jobs-equidistant to each’s work.

That entails long commutes. Long commutes that shorten your life span, create health problems (especially back and hip problems), add to your stress, eat up your free time, prevent you sometimes from exercising and just plain drive you nuts.

Maybe our President should create a mandatory work-from-home-one-day-a-week policy for all office workers? There are so many of them in the Washington DC metro area! Imagine 1/5, or 20% less cars on the road each day.

We already have all the technology to work from home. Only firefighters, nurses, teachers, salespeople, security, doctors, dentists, cleaning crews, handymen, contractors and other in loco professions need to relocate every day. We also have technology for meetings, if that is an excuse for why office workers need to be at their offices.

There has been even a trend for “office” spaces in the suburbs with internet connections where people who work from home can meet.  Places near their homes where they can connect to other people and not feel so isolated. They can pay a small fee for using a workstation each day, or a monthly fee. Some folks have used the local Starbucks for that.

One, two days a week working from home. Seems like a smart idea for me.

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The 5 minute doctor

Yesterday I visited a “5-minute doctor”. That seems to be more and more common. I have PRIVATE insurance, a PPO, which I pay a lot of money every month for (and barely use), but I am seeing this happen very often: a long wait followed by a 5 minute check up from the doctor.

My last visit was to an orthopedist. I have something called “tennis elbow”, not from playing tennis but from moving heavy objects late last year. My arm has not healed so I went back to the same doctor I had gone early this year to(he knew my history and was walking distance from my office).

The same thing happened: I waited for one hour (with no good magazines in the waiting room :)); first in the reception area and later in a small room.

What really peeved me is that I had written in the form that I had actually two problems. Everyone knows the human body is like a machine. One thing affects the other. I had pain in some other area, which he totally disregarded. He probably wants me to pay for another consultation so he can charge to look at my other “pain”.

He spent 5 minutes with me, told me what to do (immobilize the area) and asked me to come back after 6 weeks,  hurriedly answering my questions. What a terrible experience! I think doctors don’t think empathy is necessary anymore in their consultation with patients. All they need is some knowledge. Why not then consult with a robot? A robot who would scan your body, inform you what kind of problem you have (in a robotic voice like Kanye West’s songs :)) and than print a list of recomendations?

Are doctors being forced to see a certain number of patients per hour-or may I say, per minute? If that is a private PPO, I prefer that all the money I pay go to an universal healthcare system where I would probably have to wait just the same!



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