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Babies need touch and holding

strollerAnother difference that comes to mind between the USA and Brazil is the way mothers and fathers transport their babies.  Brazilian mothers still carry their babies in their arms a lot. American mothers prefer strollers all the time. I could guess that that is a matter of economics: strollers are too expensive for the low income population in Brazil.

I remember when my kids were babies,  I carried them a lot. I also used the “front-pack”, where they could actually listen to my heartbeat and feel the warmth of my body.  Even though I could afford a stroller (and owned one), I loved carrying them in my arms. I felt that the touch they received from me was important. I also felt that the closeness made them feel safe. I never though I was spoiling them.  Dr. Spock theories about “spoiling” babies did not feel right to me. After hearing a lot about “training your baby by not picking it up when it is crying all the time”, I once let my older child cry herself to sleep in her crib, breaking my heart in the process. It felt terrible. I wish I did not make her more fearful and distrustful in the process.

American parents use the strolller all the time (strollers in busy malls and sidewalks are very annoying). Maybe  holding their babies more often could be better for their babies’s overall health. Touch, as it has been documented by various research, is fundamental to babies’ development and emotional well being.


July 27, 2009 - Posted by | Being a mother, Difference between cultures


  1. if you want a secure attached baby, kid, and adult, then give them consistent love, by holding and being there at all times for them!!! they know nothing, just want to feel safe!!

    Comment by kinia | March 25, 2010 | Reply

  2. I just came across this particular entry and as an American mother I completely agree with you. My mother-in-law spent a pretty penny on a stroller that was used only once when my daughter was in her infant stages. I carried her everywhere else in a sling so she could hear my heart and reach up and touch if she chose to. And forget letting her cry it out to sleep, I can’t take more than 5 minutes of that horrible scared scream.

    Comment by puasaurusrex | May 1, 2010 | Reply

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