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iphone_0412I have some friends who don’t answer their phone or their emails frequently. It is not so much that they are busy, but they do not care much for modern technology. They leave their cell phone turned off or they leave it in the car (that always amazes me as I cannot part with mine for one second…).

They still use the good old home line. They check their emails once a week, or every 2 weeks (that amazes me even more!). They make fun of these cell phones full of “stuff”. Why do we need a camera? Why do we need to surf the internet on a phone? Why do we need to check our emails during the day? They even brag about their cell phone being the same one from 7 years ago and still working a phone.

I am quite the opposite.  I grew up with a father and a brother who liked the latest gadgets, so I guess I got that rubbed into me. What I don’t spend in designer clothes and shoes (count me in for discount outlets!). Give me a fast internet connection over a pair o Manolos!  I like to spend on the latest cell phone, computer or TV. I like to be abreast of the latest technologies.

It causes me anxiety not to know what something is in the techie world. What is RSS, what is  iGoogle? I have to know. To me it seems that if I am not following technology, I will get old and rusty. I started tweeting just because everyone else is doing it 🙂

I don’t know that many women who are techie lovers, but I am sure there are many. I was one of the few women in the long line to get the iPhone 3G. But even though I am ignorant of the workings of these machines, I like to have the technology at my hands.  The current exception is the iPhone 3.0 OS. I am not getting it. 500 dollars for 3G users? No way. I will wait for the next big thing 🙂


June 24, 2009 - Posted by | Lifestyle

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