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Some reasons why Sean Goldman is still in Brazil

What interferes with Sean Goldman’s return to Brazil:

1) The Brazilian family has used its connections and local power to get what they want in the Rio family courts and even at the Federal level. In other words, corruption.

2) The fear Globo journalists as well as other media outlets have of retaliation from the Lins e Silva (fear of a lawsuit).

3) The xenophobia that has taken over Brazil in a wide spectrum, nearly resembling an extreme nationalism a la Mussolini. Some Brazilian politicians linked to the Brazilian family have even tried to say the country’s constitution trumps the international convention. Brazilians are extremely touchy about sovereignity. Its history as a former Portuguese colony, a sense of inferiority towards the USA and its relative geographic isolation has incensed xenofobia, particularly towards Americans. Brazilians still love and admire the old continent, Europe.

4) An old fashioned view that only the mother should take care of the children. For decades, the Brazilian male, especially during colonial times barely knew their children.

5) The perverse and deep classism in Society. It is ok to keep someone else’s child because you have loads of money? If that is so, than Bill Gates has the right to kidnap other peoples’s kids!

6) The family’s interference not only in the judiciary but with politicians like Senator Dornelles and Senator Sarney, who are close friends of the Lins e Silva, and left wing policiticians who were “brothers in arms” with Guta, the 60’s terrorist who helped kidnap an American ambassador and who was Bruna’s aunt. Guta died last April.

7) President Lula’s innaction, washing his hands off the case, possibly due to his friendship with José Dirceu, Fernando Gabeira, Tarso Genro, José Vannucci, etc, leftish politicians who do not like the United States one bit.

8) The case touches some people deeply but not others. Some people unfortunately still see it as a custody case instead of a country disrespecting the Hague Convention which it is a signatory. Some others say: “there are more important issues in the world right now, such as what’s happening in Iran”. Sure, but we can still feel appalled at the injustice of this case.


June 17, 2009 - Posted by | Activism

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  1. Your “venting” is eloquent and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. This horrific act of injustice must end!!! Brazilian Judiciary is sending the wrong message where one country condones kidnapping and in turn actually supports and encourages future kidnappings to take place when they refuse to give Sean back to David where he rightfully belongs! But David’s spirit is strong and will forever continue until his son is returned and we are fighting along with him!!!

    Comment by Forsean | July 17, 2009 | Reply

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