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Does exercise make you live less?

runnerThe commedian Chico Anísio, on the famous Jô Soares talk show in Brazil, says physical exercise is the first step to death. He brought attention to the fact that rarely an athlete gets to the age of 80 and gives examples of long living celebrities who never exercised or went to gyms, amongst them the journalist and legal scholar Barbosa Lima Sobrinho, who got to 100 years old.

Anisio also gave an example in the animal kingdom: the turtle, who lives to the age of 300. Do you know any rabbit who lived even 15 years?

Another example is the Brazilian composer Dorival Caymmi: he was the father of sloth. He spent 75% of his day lying on a hammock, drinking, smoking and chewing. A really slow guy, he would take 10 seconds to walk a few feet. Even without ever doing any exercise, he reached 90 years old.

Conclusion: treadmill, walking, aerobics, weight lifting and gym: run away from those while you still have your health. Let’s toast lazy sedentarism!

Don’t be upset if you spend the rest of your life fat, you will have eternity to look like bones! Do not diet anymore! Whales only drink water, only eat fish, swim all day and are FAT! Hail to french fries and beer! So you have a spare tire? It’s ok, airplanes do too!

Hey I am joking!

So what do you think of Chico Anision’s theory?  Don’t you think it’s ridiculous?


May 15, 2009 - Posted by | Health


  1. The “So you have a spare tire? It’s ok, airplanes do too!” got lost in translation. hehehe. Chico Anísio is such a great commedian and recently I just discovered his son, Bruno Mazzeo, also has commedic talent.

    Comment by Rita | August 21, 2009 | Reply

  2. He does make some valid points though!

    Comment by Peteypete | January 30, 2013 | Reply

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