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The Russian Bride scam

Just like the Nigerian emails promising you millions, there are some men who still fall for the Russian bride scam. In their enormous desire to have a beautiful woman in their lives, they forego all common sense and believe the emails with profuse declarations of love from a young beauty who falls suddenly in love with a paunchy middle aged, unnatractive middle class American.

I had a friend who was in communication with such a young woman, and started getting all excited until I warned him about it. He poo-pooed me and said she was “serious” about him and he was going to pay for her to come to America. I forgot about the story until a few months later when I asked him what happened to his “Russian beauty”. He relunctantly admitted I was right and that she was phony.

Some men don’t learn! The media,  too much exposure to porn, immaturity and their own incapacity to find a woman who has things in common with them instead of thinking with their “other head” make them very prone to these scams. These men have a Peter Pan complex and do not look in the mirror (see my post about “Men and mirrors”).  They are not looking for a soulmate or a balanced relationship, they are thinking of sex-without even contemplating the improbability of a young beautiful woman really fall in love with them, stay with them and have a peaceful relationship with them. They are not thinking of the consequences or the fact that they might be ripped off. They are really thinking with their penises!

For more information on such scams, see:



April 29, 2009 - Posted by | Relationships

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