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Do smily kids become happily married adults?

 Our President Obama, a very smiley boy



I read the DePauw University study that says that kids who smile more grow up to have happier marriages:


Even though it seems like a very unscientific assertion, I think there can be a link there. The researchers concluded that those who are usually happier may therefore be more likely to try to work through the difficulties in their relationships.

What came to my mind immediately was president Obama. In all his childhood pictures you see a very smiley boy. Actually, he continues smiling! Accordingly, Obama has a stable and seemingly happy marriage.

Being a mother of two, I can say that my children’s personalities were very clear from the moment they were babies. And now, 2 decades later, their personalities do reflect what I saw as a baby, toddler and child growing up.  Some people just have a sunnier disposition from an early age, and that positive personality and ability to always keep up the good mood may help their marriage and all the other relationships in their lives.


April 20, 2009 - Posted by | Psychology

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