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Colleges and the culture of “shots”


It seems College students are doing shots and passing out in parties more than ever.

I heard from my own College student daughter how many of her friends mix alcohol, Xanax and uppers like Aderrol.  I hope I don’t hear about any tragedies.  At least they don’t drink and drive, since most kids do not have a car in campus and walk or take the bus to the bars surrounding the campuses.

I mentioned to my Dad how much kids drink in College here in the US. He told me that during his College days, there also was the peer pressure to drink.  Whenever you get a group of guys living together, drinking seems to be a distraction. My father said he thought it was stupid to drink until you pass out, so in order to avoid the pressure to drink and be known as an outsider, he would go to a bar with a friend before the drinking get together and have a beer. When time came to go to the party, he would already show up “drunk”. Sometimes he had two other really drunk guys carry him to his dorm-while he was in reality sober. I had to laugh at how ingenious that was.

My husband also used to drink -under peer pressure and not by choice-during his Air Force days in New Zealand.  He sometimes employed the trick of throwing the drink out when no one is looking. These stories make me think that young age drinking has less to do with the “loss of values” in American society than with the fact that peer pressure is powerful amongst young people who are grouped together and trying to “belong”. I also believe kids who are shy and kids who have deep hidden pains are the ones who tend to overdo it. Finally, people have different levels of resistance to alcohol, and some can pass out after only 3 drinks.

From my experience, it seems to me that young people in Brazil drink less. Maybe it is the warmer weather, but they drink to get social or to become less shy, so that takes a couple of beers or a caipirinha or two, no more, while it seems the intent in American parties is to drink until you pass out.

My advice to College kids that don’t want to pass out, throw up, feel awful and have a nasty hangover the next day: limit yourself to 2 drinks only. Drink some water, soda or tonic between drinks. Or have your two drinks and then start with the water and soda.  Lastly, you can always employ the tricks my father and my husband used if you want to seem “cool” and belong 🙂






April 20, 2009 - Posted by | Difference between cultures, Lifestyle

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