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I could be buddies with Barack Obama

Watching President Obama on Jay Leno the other night made me think: if Obama was not the president but  just a regular lawyer, he would be the kind of guy I would like to be friends with. I say that because the chances that I bump into the president during a happy hour in DC are very slim…:)

I never wanted to have a beer with Bush. I cannot relate to his mentality. But Barack Obama and I have many, but many similar points of view. He has international experience, he is cultured and likes technology. He has a great sense of justice. He  is modern and is not afraid of innovation. On top of that, the man is cool. He is funny, he is cool, he is down to earth. Who doesn’t like to have a friend like that?

Ah, and Michelle would be a great buddy too. I like smart woman, and since she is tall, we could talk face to face 🙂 

On a more serious tone, I am feeling confident that this administration is doing the best it can do to take the US out of the economic fiasco, as well as making it more competitve internationally. If this team cannot make it, no other will. We have the best heads together now. Let’s give them time. We know we are in honest and capable hands, and this is comforting.


March 23, 2009 - Posted by | Politics

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