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The DVR saves the TV

I was not watching much TV in the last decade. In Brazil, you know what shows are on that night, because there are less channels and people tend to watch the same things: the 8 o’ clock news on Globo TV, the 8:30 PM soap opera, the comedy show at 9:30 PM.

When you come to America and you get full cable, you suddenly have 200 + channels to choose from. And after a while, you realize that most of it is crap. And when you find a show you may like, you have trouble in finding which channel it is and what day it is on, since it is not daily like Brazilian evening soaps.

Between a busy life and not finding or remembering shows on TV, I just lost interest. I would watch something big (like The Oscars) or a movie here or there. That changed last year, when I got one of my favorite eletronics: the DVR. I finally could watch what I wanted when I wanted! I could finally select a few shows I had interest in and watch them at my convenience, usually after a long day of working, going to the gym and working out.

I now record my favorite shows like Real Time with Bill Maher, The View and also some guilty pleasures that drive my husband crazy: The Real Housewives of New York City πŸ™‚


March 9, 2009 - Posted by | Technology

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