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Barbershops and hair salons


This is a funny difference between the US and Brazil when it comes to getting a haircut whether you are a man or a woman: women go to hair salons/hairdressers, men go to the barbershop.

I believe that many countries, such as Italy, still have barberhops. In Brazil, when a man wants to have a haircut, he does not stop by the neighborhood hair salon. He goes to a barbershop. If a man in Brazil arrives at a hair salon and asks for a haircut, the women inside the place will look at him as if he were: 1) crazy, 2) perverted, 3) gay.

Hair salons in Brazil are abudant. Almost every corner has one. They range from luxury ones where everybody wears black to small hair salons tucked between two stores in busy streets. They do everything, from waxing to manicures to facials. It is a place where women socialize with other women and talk about celebrities, soap operas, beauty tips and gossip. It’s a place where women can be women and do not have to worry how they look with foil on their hair or there pants rolled up for a pedicure. If a man enters that environment, he will break that easiness that you see when women are only in the company of other women. The only man on site in hair salons are gay men, sometimes the master hairdresser, who usually air kisses his favorite customers and fills the rich women with compliments to stay in their good graces.

Meanwhile, barbershops became more commercial and impersonal, but in the 40’s and 50’s in Brazil and places like Queens and Brooklyn, it was a gathering spot for men, who would usually discuss politics (before it became a subject that women also love).  A woman walking into a barbershop in Brazil will feel like she has no clothes on.

So, even though this does not constitute a big issue when a Brazilian moves to the USA, it does make us confused when we go to a hair salon, expecting to relax and not worry about how ugly we will look with rollers in our hair, and a man comes in. And for the Brazilian man looking desperately for  a barbershop to have a hair cut, he will have to get used to waking into places called “La Beaute”, “Elite for hair” and “La Femme”.


March 9, 2009 - Posted by | Difference between cultures


  1. Oi Grace,

    Em vez de fazer o meu trabalho de estatistica, estava passeando pela Internet (com o profile fake que eu fiz para o dark side) e achei o seu site. Maravilhoso!

    Estava lendo sobre as diferencas nas festas aqui e la. Festa brasileira de classe media metida a alta sao sempre chatas. Alem da separacao por sexos, homem brasileiro adora falar de dinheiro… e as mulheres, esquece, continuam cri-cri.

    Mas classe media assumida e outra historia. Acho que e porque assumiram que estao ralando, a vida e o que o presente pode oferecer, e nao tem que sustentar aparencias. Resultado, as festas sao otimas!

    Por falar em aparencia. Tinha uma outra ideia de voce…mais velha.LOL, como eu estava errada. Voce e jovem e linda!



    PS. me expulsaram do site do dark side. KKKKKK, eu coloquei o artigo do juiz la. So nao sei quanto tempo ficou.

    Comment by Usha Digiacomo | March 20, 2009 | Reply

    • Usha ( gostei do seu nome), qual eh o seu apelido no BSH? Obrigada pelos comentarios, nao sou jovem, tenho filhas de 18 e 22, mas tento parecer jovem…

      Comment by Grace Farrell | March 20, 2009 | Reply

    • Alias, meu email eh

      Comment by Grace Farrell | March 20, 2009 | Reply

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