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I have a very sweet tooth. One reason might be biological, that is, the taste buds on my tongue may be more sensitive to the sweet taste (like babies). The second reason might be having grown up in Brazil, where sweets are made with a huge amount of sugar. Sweets are really sweet, and maybe one’s taste buds get used to that.

Many people erroneously think Brazilian food is spicy and hot like Mexican food, and are surprised to hear it is not. Apart from some dishes from the state of Bahia, our food does not use many spices except for some salt and pepper. Where we do exaggerate however, is in the sweetness of our deserts. Even our deserts made of cooked fruits (tropical fruit preserves and jellies) are laden with sugar.  Brazil has a lot of sugar cane (which we even get ethanol fuel from) and sugar is cheap and plentiful since colonial days. That may be the culprit to why we Brazilians like the sweet taste so much.

Which brings me to the problem I have now: I discovered Splenda a few years ago and use nothing else. It tastes like sugar, apparently without the calories, which makes it highly attractive for a sugar nut like myself. If I drink a can of coke, I don’t want to ingest 100 calories, 0 calories seems a lot smarter. However, I haev suspicions about chemical sweeteners and the research that is done about their effects on our bodies. Can they be trusted in high doses?

My level of Spenda consumption is alarming me: I went from two little packets to sweeten my coffee to now 7, so it tastes really really sweet and satisfying.  I also add it to my unsweetened cereal, making me consume something like 10 to 15 packets a day. I wonder what the real effects are…Consequently, I know I need to go on a Splenda detox. 

The only way to do it is to train my taste buds back to less sweet food and drinks. I already avoid candy and chocolate as much as possible. I avoid real sugar in my diet, period. Now I need to stop using any kind of sweetener for a few days (and suffer through the bitterness of coffee and the lameness of my cereal), then slowly increasing to one packet, 2 packets and maybe 3, but no more. I will let you all know how that went. My sweet tooth is no laughing matter, but I don’t like the weight that comes with real sugar, and I am afraid of too many chemicals in my body.

This article was particularly alarming: scroll down for “Spenda side effects”:


February 20, 2009 - Posted by | Difference between cultures, Health

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  1. Dear Grace

    I enjoy your blog, and like the point of view you have about our Country Brasil and the US.
    So excuse me if i add some comments to your old post… 🙂

    As kid i loved sugar, guess like most kids. But with age i let it go, i drink my tea without any sweetener. And while visiting Southamerica i got my hands on Stevia, it’s a natural sweetener but has not the traits of sugar.
    The also mentioned it in the book “Skinny Bitch”.

    Comment by Nefertari | March 7, 2012 | Reply

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