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This is the time to help Obama

I shake my head at how some Republicans and right wing commentators, bitter after an ugly electoral loss and years of hearing harsh criticism for the man they voted for, George W. Bush, now feel it’s time for a backlash. They are having a almost perverse pleasure in picking apart any act President Obama does.  They are not concerned with the well being of the country as much as blasting liberals and our “socilialist” ideas. What are they smoking? Obama’s administration inherited this chaos! He did not cause it, and it will take a herculean  effort with the help of us all to bring some prosperity again to this country. This bipartisanship does not help the country, it brings division, dissention and the us against them mentality.

Right wingers are so angry and lack such empathy towards their fellow citizens that it makes  me think they did not have love and affection as babies and kids. Not enough touching and holding. They can be vicious and are masters in distoring reality (Bill O’Reilly, Rush Limbaugh), consequently,  the less educated folks with less analitical thinking ability are fascinated by the hatred they spew.

Obama is a well intentioned man. He wants to do it right, he wants to make a mark and he does not need to be attacked. Hey right wingers, offer some constructive criticism. Are you even able to recognize that it is impossible for everything to be solved just like magic? McCain, I know you have a bad temper and now you want to sit on the sidelines and make fun of Obama, but that’s an easy task. Let’s see how YOU would fix the mess your buddy put us into.


February 4, 2009 - Posted by | Grievances, Politics

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