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Obama’s nod to non-believers

Obama’s comment on religion

If you google Barack Obama non-believers you will find many blogs commenting on Obama’s inaugural inclusion of non-believers. AOL, a conservative and right-leaning website, also talked about the displeasure by some African American preachers with Obama’s comment, while we rejoiced. Many progressive blogs were excited about it. I myself jumped up when I heard it, and immediately thought to myself: “boy, what a relief he is the president now”.
Some time ago I made a post where I stated that I suspect Obama is not religious at all, and was just pandering to the masses (mainly the African American community) when he included god talk or church visits to his campaign. My observation was based on comments made by him in the past and in his family history: his mother. As a Sociologist with a Antropology base as well, I know PhD’s in Antropology are usually secular and liberal. Obama’s mother was an intelectual, a non-conformist, and I doubt she raised her son with any Christian brainwash. She also valued education a lot, and these are also the values I was raised with. I too was exposed to a different culture at an early age, and my parents were also PhD’s. I grew up in an intellectual and cultured family, so I can relate to his upbringing.
African Americans who voted on Obama exclusively for the color of his skin (although I want to believe they voted primarily for the competence and intelligence he showed during his campaign) are in for major disappointment. Barack is liberal about many positions that the African American churches are not, and Obama does not have anything in common with the African American slavery and exploitation history. Furthermore, he is half Irish, making him mixed race instead of solely African American.
When I hear comments about how only in this country a man like Obama could be president I have to laugh at the lack of knowledge about other countries. The Brazilian president is a man who has only 4th grade education and worked in a factory and came from a very working class background. Obama’s mother was a PhD and so was his father (from Harvard!). That is not an unprivileged background.
Here is a comment from an April 2008 Time article which reinforces my belief that deep down Obama is an atheist and he is just pretending he is a Xtian to get elected (he knew the African Americans were his largest supporters):
“Indonesia has the world’s largest Muslim population, but Obama’s household was not religious. “My mother, whose parents were nonpracticing Baptists and Methodists, was one of the most spiritual souls I ever knew,” Obama said in a 2007 speech. “But she had a healthy skepticism of religion as an institution. And as a consequence, so did I.”



January 24, 2009 - Posted by | Atheism, Politics

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  1. I wouldn’t say African American churches aren’t liberal. They may be less liberal in their sexual politics, but they have certainly tend to lean left on other issues.

    Comment by danielwalldammit | April 29, 2015 | Reply

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