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I am not a fan of having guests in my house, and maybe a lot of people think like me or the famous phrase “Guests are like fish, after 2 days they start smelling”  wouldn’t be famous 🙂

I also do not like being someone’s guest. As I get older, I have more cases of imsomnia and I am sensitive to a new bed, room temperature or to light or noise. Nothing beats a hotel room for privacy either.

If I am to have guests at my house, here are the conditions:

1) If close family member, they can stay more because I can feel more confortable around them. That stands for mother, father, brother and nephew or niece. When it comes to my kids, they are not houseguests, that is their home too.

2) Distant relatives or friends, 2 nights are the max I can put up with. My house is not a hotel.

3) Guests who are independent and do their own thing during the day.

4) Guests who eat out.

5) Guests who even help in the housework and don’t give me MORE work.

6) Guests who do not make any mess, pick up after themselves, are polite, are not loud or obnoxious and don’t stay up late talking or watching TV when the the host/hostess has to work the next morning.

7) Guests who do not need our presence every minute and let the house owners have their privacy as well.

See here for etiquette on how houseguests should behave:

Guests cost money too, in food especially. And times are tough. With a full time job and a long commute, there is no way I can cater to any guests. I have heard horror stories about guests, but the strangest was a guest who locked her room in her friends’ house so the host would not go through her suitcase. Needless to say this is a person which a hotel would have been more appropriate for her to stay..

I noticed that people who come from lower income working class large families like to crash at relatives houses and do not mind others crashing in theirs. This is because growing up they could not afford hotels and the only way to travel was by sleeping in your uncle’s/cousins living room, sometimes for weeks/months.  I cannot imagine having guests for that long!

Moreso, in the old days, it was more common for people to stay in relatives’ and friends’ houses because hotels were far and few apart, as well as very costly. Nowadays, with economy hotels in almost every corner, it is easier for all if a visitor stays in a hotel and just visits the friend. In those days, women did not work and could cater to their guests, cook and clean for them. Not anymore.

Does anyone have a horror guest story to tell?


January 8, 2009 - Posted by | Society

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