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Atheists vs. Innauguration commitee

Many might think this lawsuit is frivolous. I say not. It is a question of principle. This is a diverse country. There are people from every religion as well as many people with no religion. By swearing in on the bible, invocating the name of god and inviting a minister to the inauguration, the separation of Church and State is being violated.  The constitution is secular and does not include terms like “In god we trust” or “and help me god”. If an official wants to use those terms because he is a Christian, so be it, but it must be his individual choice. I prefer not to hear though, in an official ceremony, any mention to god. There is nothing more ludicrous to me than seeing the god word tossed around constantly in politics. Why can’t this country keep the god talk inside churches? Don’t pray in my school or office and I won’t think in your church!! (actuallly this is a button I have).

Like Rosa Parks sitting in the front of the bus to make a strong statement, so should atheists with this lawsuit. We need to be respected. We are not telling believers to shut down their churches (although they should pay taxes and should also be investigated on how their funds that come from working class folks are used) or to stop praying their homes. We are not telling parents to stop lying to their children about Jesus and the Tooth Fairy and Santa. Believe in what you want, but keep religion out of governance.

By the way..why is that whenever you see right wing or ultra conservative religious people attacking atheists and any secular thought in message boards (especially AOL’s), they invariably do not know how to write or write in caps (screaming). Just asking….

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January 8, 2009 - Posted by | Atheism

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  1. Religious influence in government and politics was what characterized the Middle Ages. Most modern western democracies are secular, based purelly on constitucional principles or common law. Seems like the United States still hasn’t grasped the fact that the government should represent all it’s people, not only those who believe in the Christian god.

    Comment by Rita | September 16, 2009 | Reply

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