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Honesty Day

I would love to institute a day a year where commerce and businesses would have to be absolutely honest. No lies, exaggerations and embelishments could be told.. Advertisement would have to say the absolute truth.

That holiday for me would me a lot more useful than some silly ones we have…

Here is what would happen:

1) Prices would not be allowed to end in 99 cents. No one could adverstise a pair of pants for 39.99. The price would be 40 dollars PLUS tax. The tax would be included in every label.  Same for cars, shoes, eletronics, you name it.

2) Ads could not promise anything that it does not accomplish. A shampoo TV ad showing a model with long, shiny and straight hair would have to say: “if your hair is not long, shiny, healthy and blonde” our product will not make it look like this.

3) Ads promising miracles (“erase those wrinkles, look 10 years younger”) would have to say the plain truth: “If your use this cream, your skin might look smoother, but it takes years of taking care of your skin to make you look younger”.

4) Advertisement with hidden content. No, you will get a 20% discount but the reality is that we jacked up the price to be able to offer this “discount. Buy two get one free? In reality you are paying for 3 because we jacked up the unit price anyway.

5) Ads with meds: they do NOT belong in TV. I don’t remember ever seeing in Brazil ads on TV for anti-depressants and other prescription drugs. Cough medicine? Ok.

6) Fine print. Fine print would have to be printed in big bold letters and be at the beginning or any contract or ad. There could be no hidden clauses.

7) Websites for any service would have to have the cancellation option in an easy spot with big letters. Have you ever tried to cancel a phone line or something?

8) Banks and services would have NO hidden fees. All extra fees and taxes would be carefully explained and laid out.

9) Products with expensive packaging would tell you exactly how much you are paying for the fancy box. Sometimes the packaging is worth more than the product…

10) Magazines would have normal sized women wearing their clothes. Catalogs like Newport News, Spiegel and even the more conservative clothing ones would not have size 0 and 2 models advertising their clothes, but models who are size 8-12. After all, the women who buy their clothes are sizes 12, 14…

11) Fast food chains would have to put in big bold letters the amount of calories, fat and sugar in their menus. That could scare some people off…

Look at this ad…yeah right


January 2, 2009 - Posted by | Grievances

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