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Penalty for not signaling

I am not for more fines or regulations, but I spend a lot of time in traffic on the Capital Beltway and I have two major pet peeves:

Cell phone usage while driving and the absence of signaling.

Why are so many drivers in America (or is it only in the DC suburbs area) against signaling? Don’t they realize how frustrating it is for the driver behind to not know if you are going to turn right or left or go straight? Are they too lazy to touch the lever? Bad driving skills? Can the cops enforce that more?

Cell phones: please, please, please. Stop chatting on the phone folks. Stop using your commute to touch base with all your friends!! You are slowing traffic, not signaling, not paying attention and endangering people’s lifes. The biggest offenders seem to be hispanic immigrantes, who are still in love with their first car and their first cell phone.  Use your cell phone to quickly call someone if you are going to be late or if by any chance you get lost, but not to gossip! And  I won’t even start on the texting subject….


December 24, 2008 - Posted by | Grievances

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