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I am an atheist AND a secular humanist. I am an atheist in the sense that I do not believe in god or anything supernatural (spirits, ghosts, etc).  And I am a humanist in the sense that I have and admire all the values that emphasize morality, ethics, human rights, justice and family. Not every atheist is a humanist (although most share those values) and not every humanist is an atheist (but most are, since secular humanisn rejects the idea of a god and is for Scientific development).


The Washington Post just published an article about Humanist families which shows us in a good light:


By the way, in our 2008 Beltway Atheists Festivus celebration, we amassed a sizable amount of donations which are being distributed to the homeless in the DC/MD/VA area.  Atheists do charity too, for those who don’t know that 🙂


 More on Humanism:

Secular Humanism

Humanism is “a modern, nontheistic, rationalist movement that holds that man is capable of self-fulfillment, ethical conduct, etc., without recourse to supernaturalism” (Webster’s New World Dictionary). By the term secular this stream distinguishes itself from theistic (Christian) humanism. Secular humanism evolved out of 18th-century rejection of revealed Christianity and the emergence of modern science and free thought. Modern secular humanists condemn and refute all assertions of divine or paranormal phenomena.


  1. I believe in nontheism, as there is no rational proof for the existence of God, and do not delude myself with thoughts of a Supreme Being.
  2. I believe that traditional religions and faiths preach false doctrines, are oppressive and lead their followers toward ignorance, bigotry and dogmatism, and that it is my duty to be actively skeptical of and challenge the illusions of orthodox religions and all attempts to explain the world in supernatural terms.
  3. I believe in the preservation and enhancement of the human species as my ultimate concern, and in the global human family, which must preserve the Earth for future generations through developing a secular, planetary morality and system of law.
  4. I believe that living a good, moral life is the best means for individual and collective happiness and that morality has a rational, secular basis.
  5. I believe in expanding human rights and intellectual and moral freedom, and in secular democracy, with strict separation of church and state, as the means of eliminating discrimination and attaining equality and justice for all.
  6. I believe in the development of the creative human potential through education in the arts and sciences and in the paramount importance of free inquiry in an open, pluralistic, universalist society.
  7. I believe in the application and development of reason and modern science as the highest means to understanding the universe, solving human problems and enabling each individual to realize his greatest potential.
  8. I believe in striving for fulfillment and happiness in this life and reject all notions of reincarnation and afterlife as false and baseless, seeking my fullest capacity as a human being here and now, serving others and creating a better, more just world.
  9. I believe in Darwin’s theory of evolution as scientific fact, and in naturalism, holding that the known world is all that exists, and that it has no supernatural or spiritual creation, control or significance.



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