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Brazilians are very credulous

Not only Brazil is very Catholic (although people say they are Catholic but most do not even go to mass!! They barely ever go to church!!), Brazilians love MYSTICAL and esoteric things. Many people believe in psychics and healers. The power of crystals, pyramids and all kinds of things. Brazilians were for a long time deceived by Uri Geller (who was always on TV in the 70’s). People believed in him! I remember being completely skeptical about his “powers”. Remember a big part of the Brazilian population has little education. I have Brazilian friends who are ardent “Spirits”, a religion that believes people die and are reborn as babies into some other family and place…for some reason not very popular in the US  (actually seances are object of jokes in teen and horror movies). I have never had patience with any of this stuff, being an atheist and humanist.

Brazilians have a mass for everything. Middle School graduation? A mass and a big party. C’mon folks, middle graduation is an obligation! High School graduation? Mass and party. Book signing? Mass and then a reception. Masses for everything. Brazilian priests keep busy!

When I was still brainwashed religious, I had the false belief that Catholicism was superior to these other religions. Many Brazilians think that. A person I talked to expressed that a while ago in Brazil. He said the Roman Apostolic Church, with the Pope and the Vatican and all those big churches around the world is the quintessential and official religion, while all the others are poor imitations. He sees all others as cults. As if Catholicism was not also a cult! Many Catholics have that moral superiority.

In reality, the Catholic religion is the most widespread because Christianity quickly took over Europe in the middle ages. When new colonies were found (including Brazil), jesuits were sent to cathecize the locals. Catholicism then spread all over South and Central Americas. Opulent churches were built, thus creating the illusion of power.

Unfortunately, the even worse Evangelical churches are taking over lower income Brazilians, much to the distress of the traditional Catholics. Evangelicals deceive and brainwash very uneducated, semi-  illiterate Brazilians, who give up 10% of their hard earned income to belong to a church and be “saved”. It’s very sad and almost criminal what is done. These people use the church as their “social club”, since life only offers them hardship otherwise. Most come from the lower classes in Brazil. As you know, Brazil is still a very class oriented society.

Anyhow, Science and Education are the tools to make Brazilians less credulous. Along with the dissemination of information, to which this wonderful tool, the internet, may offer hope.


December 19, 2008 - Posted by | Religion

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